My toddler refuses to poop on the potty!
Some toddlers refuse to poop on the potty and are withholding their poo for days on a row, when no nappy is offered. Do you recognize this behaviour of your toddler or older child? Are you in despair and have all your efforts had no positive result up to now? Keep on reading.

My child was a real superpooper…in the nappy 

Does this sound familiar? Your child a superpooper as a baby and beginning toddler. No problems at all. But suddenly you’ve noticed a change in the poop behaviour. It started with your child hiding behind the couch or under the table when it needed to poo. And after that period your child is suddenly trying to deny the urge to poo and withholding it. Probably you’ve tried to put your child without the diaper on the potty, but since your child showed such a big panic and resistance, you gave up.

Your toddler refuses to poop at all

It seems to you that your child has decided to give up pooping. Withholding is the new word for your child. Your toddler doesn’t show this behaviour out of power struggle, but do have difficulties in letting go. This could be related to the age of your child; the world is becoming bigger and bigger and this can be challenging for your child. Kindergarten, elementary school, daycare, play-garden, hairdresser, dentist; more and more stimuli to process. Some kids are feeling lost and try to find some grip in withholding behaviour. But it may be that your child experienced pain during pooping by having a big hard turd.

Really awful seeing your child in total panic!

Children who are withholding their poo and don’t have a poo for a few days in a row, may be acting grumpy and most probably are suffering from tummy ache. They are panicking and often are crying and yelling “no poo” or “go away poo”. Out in panic they can be running around or crawling on the ground. When the poo is coming out and your child is aware of this, you mostly notice fear in the eyes of your toddler before having to let go. Does this mean that your child is not potty trained?

So, is my child not potty trained?

When your child feels the urge to poo, but refuses to go and is withholding until he gets a nappy, the poo problem has nothing to do with being potty trained. This is a real poo problem. Your child is potty trained if the body works fine, if your child recognizes the urge, if it is able to withhold up to the potty or the loo and if your child is willing to go to the loo. So kids who only want to poo in the nappy are potty trained and ready for the potty, but show acquired undesirable poo behaviour. You as the parent, are capable in reversing this process and I am happy to support you. 

It’s time to help your child, otherwise both of you will be in a shitty situation;
literally and figuratively

Where to start in reversing this poop behaviour? 

In order to get rid of the nappy, choose a period which suits you the best. My recommendation is to choose a quiet period without challenging happenings or big changes for you and yourself. Since some children will be really pertinacious and are showing a lot of resistance, a structured and clear plan of action is required and helping. My SuperPooper Plan is giving you this. Of course I understand that it is challenging for you as a parent and possibly you are afraid that your child is going to withhold with constipation as a result. That’s why I explain all to your step-by-step. The SuperPooper Book and the SuperPooper App will help you in making clear to your child, the need to go in time to the potty to your child.