Who is this SuperPooper Plan intended for?

The SuperPooper Plan is a DIY online program and has been made for parents and their children aged 2-7 with a poo problem. Suitable for poo problems without a medical cause. The plan may also be used for children who aren’t yet potty trained, but do withhold their poo and suffer from constipation.

Parents can get started with the child’s poo problem, as long as they have the relevant know-how and tools.

In this plan, you will learn in 6 video’s and e-textbooks how to tackle the poo problem once and for all. Watch first the video and then read the e-textbook. The plan is simple, because you want to get a superpooper in the house as quickly as possible, don’t you! So no assignments, no quizzes, just information that matters.


What will you discover?

  • Discover the difference between potty training problems and poo problems and medical causes which occur rarely.
  • Inform yourself about the various poo problems, signs, causes and consequences.
  • Learn about withholding behavior, other causes and the physical and social-emotional consequences.
  • Understand the poo problem of your child and apply the the 4-step plan: using of laxatives, learning, trying, motivating.

What does the SuperPooper Plan consist of?

  • Video tutorials + e-textbooks (6)
  • Do-it-yourself action plan with 4-step plan
  • The SuperPooper App
  • The SuperPooperBook
  • Downloads for you and your child
  • Extra support: tips & tricks


Additional help or support?

A number of parents find the use of laxatives and making some adjustments in their daily life stressful and feel insecure about this. That’s why I added extra tips and tricks besides the e-textbooks. Do you want additional help or support? Please contact me and I’ll inform you about the possibilities and costs.


Can’t wait to start?

You get access to the complete SuperPooper Plan immediately after ordering. The SuperPooper Book will be sent to you as soon as possible. I wish you every success! Oh by the way, you have 1 year access tot the private online learning environment. If you’ll notice that other children in you family are suffering from poo problems in the future, please email me for additional access.


For your information

I assure you that I’ll always do my utmost in providing you with all the tools to help you and your child out of the ‘shit’. That’s why I share in my SuperPooper Plan al my experience, knowledge, information and tools, in order for you to tackle the poo problem of your child by yourself.

The success of this do-it-yourself plan cannot be guaranteed, since it’s up to parents to get started with the plan. The desired result depends on your patience, time, commitment and the application of the plan and all the steps plus the degree and the duration of the poo problem.

Inhoud programma

How does the SuperPooper Plan work? 00:00:00
Lesson 1
Introduction | video 00:00:00
Introduction | e-textbook 00:00:00
Lesson 2
Poo problems | video 00:00:00
Poo problems | e-textbook 00:00:00
Lesson 3
Withholding behavior | video 00:00:00
Withholding behavior | e-textbook 00:00:00
Lesson 4
Causes + consequences | video 00:00:00
Causes + consequences | e-textbook 00:00:00
Lesson 5
Action plan I | video 00:00:00
Action plan I | e-textbook 00:00:00
Lesson 6
Action plan II | video 00:00:00
Action Plan II | e-textbook 00:00:00
Downloads + prints 00:00:00
Tips and tricks 00:00:00
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