Poop in the pants

Are you convinced that your child is pooping in its pants on purpose? I get you, because it may look like your child is doing this. But this is not the matter; poop in the pants – also known as soiling or encopresis – is not a behaviour problem. That’s why trying to adapt your child’s behaviour is not working. It’s all about your child having lost control and not being able anymore recognizing the urge to poo. What can you do?

Poo behaviour…?

Some examples. Fred is withholding the urge to poo during school time; she doesn’t want to miss any explanation of the teacher. Only the thought off missing information and as a result a low score frightens her, so withholding is her solution. And what about Marc? He is trying to postpone the urge to poo because he is in the middle of gaming. Pausing the game may lead to loosing the game with a lot of frustration; so withholding is his solution. And Hazel? She experienced on early age pain with pooping and is now fearing this pain so much, that daily withholding the poo is her solution. All these children are withholding for good reasons, at least for them.

Poop in the pants!

The result of withholding is piling up of poo in the belly. When not recognized or treated on time, poo accidents may occur; daily soiling pants. I bet that you – as a frustrated parent -have tried at your utmost to change this poop behaviour. For example by threatening, begging, rewarding, punishing, being angry and staying calm or patient. But most probably no result and much frustration? That’s because poop in the pants isn’t conscious (poop) behaviour; it has all to do with the loss of control caused by withholding behaviour and constipation. You need to understand and to give attention to the causes of the withholding behaviour.

Is your child lying and denying? 

Are you worried about your child lying about and denying of the soiling pants? I’ll try to explain it; your child is frustrated and desperate – like you – and feelings of guilt and shame make your child lie about or deny its soiling pants. It’s also a matter of surviving this situation. Because your child don’t want to see you sad or angry.

When your child is pretending if no poop accidents occur. Or your child is trying to hide the dirty pants or is lying about or denying them. Please understand this behaviour is helping your child to survive these difficult times. Moreover, that way your child doesn’t have to fear angry or sad moods from its parents.”

What is helping?

First of all you need to understand the exact poo problem for knowing how to deal with it and treat this. Most of the times a laxative plan is essential and at the same time realizing that your child isn’t doing this on purpose. Your child needs your recognition and adequate help. And I can support you with my SuperPooper Plan. I explain to you how to change negative behaviour into positive behaviour, in order to give your child space for being honest about the soiling pants. That way your child will be able to learn to its belly in time in stead of denying the urge to poo.  

For parents…

Your child isn’t able to get out of the vicious poo circle by its own. It needs you as its parent urgently. You are the safe haven and example for your child. And you know – being the parent – your child the best. Better than any care taker. Therefor my attention is for you as the parent; to support you in turning your child into a superpooper. You are the expert who can help its child ‘out of the shit’.