The SuperPooper Plan for parents of kids 2 -7 years


Start immediately with the SuperPooper Plan. Discover from which poo problem your child is suffering and
which steps you can take to solve the problem. Or learn how to get your child as soon as possible potty trained.
This is how it works:

1. First watch the 3 video tutorials;
2. Download the digital workbook (printing is possible);
3. Follow the step-by-step guide, which I explain to you in the videotutorials and the digital workbook;
4. Tell your child that it’s not his or her fault for having a poo problem, but that your child together with you can solve this;
5. Play here the SuperPooper App  (the same as the paid version in the Apple Store and Google Play Store); the app is playable on tablets and in horizontal orientation on mobile phones (on iPhone not on full screen); recommendation to set/use Chrome as browser;
6. Read the SuperPooper Book (sent by mail to you) together with your child;
7. Do you have any questions? Please check the FAQ;
8. For extra support – like coloring pages, a toilet exercise, a poo diary  – please go to the free stuff

Extra support by e-mail

One child is a super-pooper within a few days, the other after a few weeks, often depending on the duration/severity of the poo problem in combination with your child’s character and circumstances. To support you, you will therefore receive an email one week after your order with a summary of the most important tips. Two weeks later, a second email – which you hopefully won’t need – with the most common bottlenecks and how you can change them into boosts. I kindly ask you to email me only in case of an emergency. Time, patience and trust and a positive attitude (I understand this can be difficult) are your best friends.

Do you need more support?
Have you followed the step-by-step plan (including a laxative plan when necessary) and read the information from the support emails and still not the desired result? Then I will be happy to help you in an online consultation that you can order with me. Please mail me to make an appointment. Appointments are possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09.30-10.30 hr. 

I wish you a lot of succes. Put it on, you as a parent are always your child’s best expert, but your child is also your child’s best expert!

Hadassa, thé poo expert

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Digital Workbook SuperPooper

Please click on the image to download the workbook.