Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

Terms and Conditions
Article 1 TOF-TRAINING | SuperPooper® Terms and Conditions.
These are the Terms and Conditions for participation in my (Hadassa Voet) online programs. I am
the creator of Method SuperPooper® and owner of TOF-Training in Amsterdam, which stands
registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 34305912.
Article 2 Conditions of participation

  1. The SuperPooperPlan for parents of children ages 2-7 is designed to provide support for
    pooping problems, where there are no medical causes and/or these have been ruled out. Upon request
    of you as a parent, I offer - exceptionally - an additional online consultation for additional support.
  2. The ProfessionalPlan is intended for various disciplines/(healthcare) professionals within the
    mainstream/medical therapeutic/coaching world, who have developed their knowledge and skills regarding.
    want to enrich or develop poop problems in children.
  3. In my SuperPooper® online programs, I share my knowledge, experience and tips with as
    goal offer support and tools. More information about the offer can be found at
    Article 3 Own risk, warranty and obligation of effort
  4. Participation in the online programs and online consultation is entirely at your own risk.
  5. Guarantee to improve and/or remedy the poop problem using the SuperPooperPlan, the
    additional online consultation and the ProfessionalPlan I can't give to you, because result bound
    is up to the effort and execution by you as a parent and/or professional, where I have no ability
    have to monitor or adjust you.
  6. Of course, I will perform my services to be rendered to the best of my knowledge and ability. However, it concerns
    always a best-efforts obligation, meaning that I do not guarantee the success and success of
    my services.
    Article 4 Prices | payment | reflection period
  7. Current prices can be found on the website
  8. Prices always include sales tax (VAT).
  9. Prices are always non-binding and do not automatically apply to future programs.
  10. When ordering digital products/services with direct downloads (the SuperPooperPlan and the
    ProfessionalPlan), you automatically agree to the expiration of any reflection/revocation rights.
  11. Before the order can be placed, you as a parent and/or professional must agree to
    these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement.
    Article 5 Copyright/Intellectual property and use of materials
  12. All (teaching) materials, tools, models, interventions and techniques developed by me are and will remain
    Owned by me, Hadassa Voet | TOF Training.
  13. With the ProfessionalPlan, all tools, models and interventions were developed and written by me.
    This is subject to copyright. You can use the tools during and after the online training. It is
    however, are not permitted to share them - in any way - with third parties, unless you give me permission to do so
    requested permission and I have given you written permission to do so.
  14. It is also not permitted to sell the knowledge gained commercially or include it in a
    own course or training or login information with third parties, unless you have asked me for permission
    requested and I have given you written permission to do so.
  15. The SuperPooperPlan (or parts of it) for parents of children ages 2-7 is not permitted.
    years nor the login information, to be shared with third parties.
    Article 6 Complaints
  16. Should you be dissatisfied with (part of) the offer, please let us know as soon as possible
    know, by sending an e-mail to I will then receive from you as clear
    possible description of the complaint, so that I can see - if the complaint is valid - how to respond to it.
    respond. A complaint that is not clearly defined I cannot address....
  17. Complaints must be made within 14 days of ordering the SuperPooperPlan, the online consultation and/or the
    ProfessionalPlan notify me in writing.
  18. Even if you send in a complaint, your obligation to pay simply remains; the offer of
    TOF Training is effort-oriented and not outcome-based.
    Article 7 Liability and force majeure
  19. I have the right, to suspend agreed appointments, if due to circumstances, which are beyond
    my sphere of influence or of which I was not aware or could not have been aware at the time the contract was concluded
    are, or are temporarily unable to fulfill my obligations due to illness.
  20. If performance becomes permanently impossible, the contract may be dissolved for that part
    that has not yet been fulfilled. Neither you nor I shall in that case be entitled to compensation for the damages resulting from the
    dissolution suffered damages.
  21. Force majeure means abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances independent of
    are of the will of the one who invokes them and whose consequences, despite all the
    precautions could not be avoided.
    Article 8 Privacy
  22. I, Hadassa | TOF-Training | SuperPooper®) handle confidentially all personal data of
    participants in the (online) products/services and comply with the Data Protection Act.
    Personal Data and the Telecommunications Act. I only provide this personal data to third parties
    a. A legal requirement;
    b. It is necessary for the conduct of legal proceedings;
    c. It is necessary for having an audit performed;
    d. The participant has provided written permission to do so.
    Article 9 Other
  23. Deviations to these Terms and Conditions are only applicable if agreed upon in writing/by email between me and you.
  24. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are null and void in whole or in part or
    may be nullified, the other provisions of these General Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
    application. I will then enter into consultations to agree on new provisions to replace them, whereby
    as much as possible the purpose and intent of the original provisions are observed.
    Article 10 Disputes
  25. In the event of any disputes, I will always first do my best to resolve the dispute with you mutually,
    Before I take a dispute to court.
  26. If I cannot mutually agree with you, I will submit disputes to the competent court of the
    North Holland District Court, Amsterdam location.
    Article 11 Applicable law
  27. Dutch law applies to this agreement.
    Article 12 Modification of conditions
  28. I am authorized to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  29. I will post an annual update of these Terms and Conditions on my website. After posting
    any changes made shall take effect.