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Relaxing over laxing

If your child suffers from constipation, laxation is a must. Yet many parents - understandably - look forward to this. This is due to existing myths and insufficient explanation about the dosage of laxatives and how they work. Explanations about starting, maintaining, phasing out and stopping are also usually lacking.

Doubt, doubt

So most parents find laxatives exciting and have doubts a lot . If they do start, they go on a lower or lowest dose out of fear and they stop as soon as pooping is somewhat comfortable again. Then before you know it, the pooping problem comes back again....


The biggest contributor to relapse of pooping problems has to do with the use of laxatives. This is not because parents are just doing anything, but because many (healthcare) professionals unfortunately have not been taught, how to explain, reassure and support parents around laxatives.

Laxation is a must

Because laxatives are a must when constipation. And as a parent, you'd rather not give your child medication and certainly not for weeks or months at a time, which is sometimes necessary. First reassurance is that the preferred laxative macrogol, works only on the poop and is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Purpose and operation

Macrogol causes stored poop to increase in volume and become softer. This makes the colon work better again and your child can feel more urgency and defecate properly. It is not addictive and does not give lazy bowels, but your child does get used to the kind of poop macrogol gives.

Getting used to it or getting used to it?

As a result, your child dares to defecate (again) without fear. But if it is tapered or stopped too soon, your child will notice this and react to it to start pooping again withhold. Other laxatives such as enemas or suppositories, do irritate the bowel and it is preferable not to use these for too long due to habituation.

Relax about laxatives

Do you think high-fiber foods, prunes, laxative syrup, etc. are good enough to cure constipation? Nope, unfortunately, fine to keep poop in order. Adequate drinking is always good and especially with laxatives. Would you like personal help with laxatives? You can. Then book the online laxative consultation.

Is laxative treatment symptomatic?

Lastly; laxatives are really necessary for constipation or poopy pants, but can become symptom relief if you don't also look for the causes of your child's pooping problem and give them proper attention. I help you with both in my online The SuperPooper Plan.

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