SOON AVAILABLE! I know how difficult it can be to start a laxative plan. A detailed support may to reassure and help parents on their way with their child with poop problem. A guidance how to start, continue and to stop.

Professional Plan

The ProfessionalPlan is an online training for (healthcare) professionals who want to support parents and child in solving poop problems. Keywords are: knowledge, system-oriented, communication, methodical, structured, clear and practical. This plan can be used as a supplement to existing working methods or as a stand-alone approach.

Do you also want

  • Teaching parents to solve poop problems as soon as possible?
  • Be able to offer parents quick insight into their child's true "shit"?
  • Helping parents and their child get started with short-term support?
  • Getting to work methodically with a unique plan of action?
  • Be able to reassure parents about laxatives and have a laxative plan so they persevere?
  • Be able to permanently motivate parents and their child with your explanations?

Method SuperPooper consists of 4 pillars

  • Communications
    Communicate empathetically, without judgment, positively and at the same time confrontationally
  • Risk and Protective Factors.
    Know all the factors involved in pooping problems
  • Integrative Methods
    Use the 7 angles that affect the poop problem
  • Knowledge
    Apply your knowledge of pooping problems, parenting styles, information processing and laxatives

Want to know which professionals have taken the ProfessionalPlan?

Because it is a broad plan, it is suitable for a variety of disciplines working with children with pooping problems and their parents. For example child/youth doctors, child (pelvic) physiotherapists, pm'ers, child (GZ) psychologists, (ortho) pedagogues, child/hypno/play/exercise therapist, incontinence/child nurses, social workers, urotherapists.

Is the ProfessionalPlan also suitable as group training?

The ProfessionalPlan is an in-person online training course. If interested in the ProfessionalPlan for multiple participants, please contact contact at to discuss the possibilities.

Interested in a training, lecture or workshop?

Are you or are you interested in a customized training, lecture or workshop on location for your organization? Since 2008, Hadassa has been providing these for health institutions such as poop clinics, consultancies and daycare centers at home and abroad. Please take contact at for information and opportunities.




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How does the ProfessionalPlan work?

For sure you want to know what my online program is all about.

Module 1 - Introduction
I take you through the origins of Method SuperPooper and how it is structured. The foundation consists of four pillars
Module 2 - Poop problems.
An explanation of the difference between potty training and pooping problems with explanations of various pooping problems, causes and consequences.
Module 3 - Methodical Integrative Practice.
What is working methodically in an integrative way? Listening, understanding, sharing knowledge, making a clear plan, checking and evaluating.
Module 4 - Communication in Contact
Even though you have the best plan; if you do not know how to convey it, the plan will not arrive and parents and child will not be helped.
Module 5 - Parents and Parenting
Parents raise from love, but love makes blind. This can sometimes lead to a recurring or ongoing poop problem.
Module 6 - Learning to Lax
Unfortunately, professionals often lack the proper knowledge and experience about laxatives, resulting in lack of therapy fidelity by parents and success.
Module 7 - Plan of Action.
Now it is time to put all the knowledge gained into practice and present a clear plan of action to parents.
Bonus Modules
Masterclass by and Q&A with poop professor. All the scientific ins-and-outs will be shared with you.
Finally for you : all the models, interventions together in handouts and various downloads to use in your work with parents and child.
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Hundreds of professionals have already followed my online
and achieve success with their work.

I have known Hadassa for many years as an enthusiastic professional who uses all her energy and empathy to help solve a problem. She is easily accessible and open in her communication and refers as needed.
Nathalie Schrijver-Levie
pediatrician at LUMC
I regularly encounter constipation in children in my general practice. A problem in which good guidance (also from parents) is very important. Hadassa offers this guidance. My experience with her is very positive.
Quintijn Morelis
general practitioner practice Doctor South
It strikes me that Hadassa often manages to improve children with long-term potty training problems quickly and incredibly well. Parents are very appreciative of her enthusiastic, knowledgeable and direct approach.
Marc Benninga
prof. pediatrician MDL Amsterdam UMC
As an expert by experience and as a mother and grandmother, Hadassa can totally relate to poop issues. The core of her success lies in her passion and creativity. A super expert and also a nice and sweet person.
Sonja N. Brilleslijper-Kater
child psychologist, expert abuse
Hadassa understands how busy parents can be, which is why you can follow the program at your own pace. Few are as familiar with poop problems as Hadassa. Method SuperPooper is just like Hadassa: to-the-point.
Debby Mendelsohn
psychologist, potty training expert
I encounter pooping problems more often in my work. I use our guidelines, but since working with Method SuperPooper, I can help better. Highly recommended to other professionals who encounter this!
Charlotte Bruins Slot
youth physician children 0-12 years
The ProfessionalPlan is a clear guide to mastering poop problems! The training provides insight into the background of pooping problems. This allows me to offer fast and targeted support to children and parents.
Claire Groenen
social pedagogue, child therapist
Method SuperPooper looks at pooping problems from a variety of perspectives. The 7 modules in the ProfessionalPlan help you move step by step to a structured plan of action. In this way, children and parents are helped quickly.
Marleen Velderman
urotherapist, educational counselor
I followed the training of the ProfessionalPlan. I learned a lot from it and I apply elements of it in my work. But preferably I refer to Hadassa. She really is the specialist and helps parents and children get out of the shit quickly.
Majella Lammers
child and adolescent therapist

Is your child suffering from a poop problem?


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