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Poop problems? Poop problems? Can be complex.

Sometimes children and their parents are in the shit for years, which often means physical, mental and social consequences for child and parents. How quickly you can solve a pooping problem depends on the extent and duration of the pooping problem as well as the circumstances. As a parent, you may need more support in addition to the SuperPooperPlan. Check here.

I thought my daughter was soiling her pants on purpose. In the video tutorials, I discovered that constipation was the culprit. After starting laxatives and toilet appointments, the dirty pants were gone. This plan is worth its money!
about daughter of 5.5
What a trouble and stress we had. Our son was quickly potty trained, but then we had poop pants for 4 years. After we started with your plan, we had a superpooper at home within 1 week! I could kiss you, that's how happy I am!
about son of 7
Method SuperPooper looks at pooping problems from a variety of perspectives. The 7 modules in the ProfessionalPlan help you move step by step to a structured plan of action. In this way, children and parents are helped quickly.
Marleen Velderman
urotherapist, educational counselor
This SuperPooper Plan is highly recommended. Our son - after 2 years of daily pain and disappointment - is completely out of nappies! So happy and proud of our child. Thank you Hadassa, for your patience, your clear explanations and step-by-step plan.
Harold & Jannie
about son of 4.5
Our daughter refused to go to the toilet at school, no matter what we tried, so soiling pants every day. After starting the laxatives and a good conversation at school, the poop problem disappeared. A happy girl at home. If only I had known this before.
about daughter 6.5
I encounter pooping problems more often in my work. I use our guidelines, but since working with Method SuperPooper, I can help better. Highly recommended to other professionals who encounter this!
Charlotte Bruins Slot
youth physician children 0-12 years
Super effective method! Only after we realized that we as parents had to change something in our attitude ;-), our child changed her attitude. Bye by nappies! After 2 days she did her first poop on the toilet. Really recommend this plan!
about her nappy pooper of 3.5
This was the push we needed. Immediately on the first day of the SuperPooper Plan we took the nappy off. No accidents and for number two she went to the toilet. Without the tips we could not have achieved this result so quickly.
about daughter of 2.5
It strikes me that Hadassa often manages to improve children with long-term potty training problems quickly and incredibly well. Parents are very appreciative of her enthusiastic, knowledgeable and direct approach.
Marc Benninga
prof. pediatrician MDL Amsterdam UMC
I have known Hadassa for many years as an enthusiastic professional who uses all her energy and empathy to help solve a problem. She is easily accessible and open in her communication and refers as needed.
Quintijn Morelis
general practitioner practice Doctor South
Hadassa understands how busy parents can be, which is why you can follow the program at your own pace. Few are as familiar with poop problems as Hadassa. Method SuperPooper is just like Hadassa: to-the-point.
Debby Mendelsohn
psychologist, potty training expert

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