Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

Poop problems in children

Does school frequently call you, because of the dirty pants of your child? Didn't your daughter poop for another couple of days? Do you have a nappy pooper in house and without nappy big panic? Poop problems in children are big mood spoilers. Step 1 is to recognize the poop problem and its causes. 

In the shit... out of the shit!


A poop problem in children rarely has a medical cause. Such as a disease or an abnormality of the bowels. If this is the case, it often becomes apparent at baby age. Nevertheless, it can be important to exclude a medical cause. In case of persistent or acute problems, always consult your doctor. 


You can recognize a poop problem by your child not being able to poop properly, belly pain, bloated belly, hard poop, pain in pooping, an elephant roll, rabbit droppings or soiling pants. But even if your child poops daily (soft), there may be a poop problem, especially if your child has pee accidents or suffers from bedwetting.


Hard poop or pain when pooping? Sounds like constipation. A nappy pooper in the house? Long nappy pooping causes constipation. Do you see poop stains or soiling pants? Then almost always constipation is the culprit and your child has lost control! Withholding behavior is the biggest cause of constipation. 

Using laxatives

Constipation prevents your child from emptying properly and leaves poop behind. Difficult to detect and therefore the biggest poop problem. Using laxatives are then really necessary and I know parents find this challenging. Addiction and lazy bowels are fortunately fables. In addition to laxatives, the causes must always be addressed.


Looking for the causes of your child's poop problem can be a quest. I'll name a few; don't want to, no time, fear of missing out, stress, anxiety, pain when pooping, dirty toilets or lifestyle. Children always have good reasons in wanting consciously or unconsciously to withhold. Usually there are multiple causes.


Poop problems cause visible inconvenience. Not only to your child at school, daycare, birthdays, parties and vacations, but also to you and your family! Unfortunately, poop problems don't go on vacation; they stay. You have to come into action. Because the longer you wait, the worse the trouble gets.

Is your child suffering from a poop problem?