Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

Solving poop problems

Solving poop problems is often a persistent job. That's why I like to help you - as a parent the only true expert on your own child - with targeted information and all the necessary tools, without a lengthy process. "Don't you have to see my child then?" is just about the most frequently asked question by parents. Nope!

Your child may have a poop problem, but you as a parent can work with this. Because I know better than anyone else what a "poopy child" thinks and how it acts. I was a champion at holding up and hiding. Literally and figuratively. The biggest culprit. I'll let you discover how to recognize and address this behavior.

Oh yes, my method is outside of mainstream care (even though I work with and provide training to them a lot) and therefore I recommend that you rule out a medical cause of your child's pooping problem (rare to non-existent) and to definitely not follow multiple pathways at once. To avoid confusion. 

Parents in the shit... out of the shit!

I understand so well that you as a parent are completely done with your child's shit. Especially when you have already tried everything to no avail. Have you been to doctors, hospitals, child psychologists, physical therapists and other professionals, but the poop problem persists? I would be happy to help you and your child get out of the 'shit'.

Resistance and refusal?

Do you recognize this? The more attention you give to pooping, the more your child dives into resistance and refuses the toilet and pooping. Do you know why? Your child feels bad, ashamed and guilty, even if you don't notice it. Because your child can hide like no one else! I assure you that your child will never poop on purpose and that talking about it is uncomfortable and confrontational. Makes sense right!

Know what works?

Your child cannot do anything about having a pooping problem and cannot solve it himself. Probably because your child has lost control due to an accumulation in the abdomen. Yes and this happens even if your child has soft poop daily. The issue is WHAT your child poops and not THAT your child poops. The combo of laxative and eye for underlying shit helps to address the shit quickly. In my The SuperPooper Plan help you with my explanation and roadmap. 

In the shit, out of the shit!

Of course, I understand that you would rather be out of the shit yesterday than today. That's why I've made it as easy as possible for you. With my online program, you can instantly yourself get started after ordering. Practical and effective and you can follow the program at your own pace, in your own place and on any device or tablet you want. Of course with lots of extras and downloads for you and your child. Are you ready for it?

Professionals super plan!

Do you find it exciting or difficult to confront parents for fear of parental resistance? Or do you feel uncertain how or where to start with the approach to poop problems? Or do you feel you have just too little knowledge or experience to provide parents and child with the right information? You are not the only one.

Important message

If you start by offering a listening ear, acknowledgement and understanding, there will be space for parents to share with you their concerns about their child's pooping problem. You'll receive the important message you need to analyze the poop problem and convey your advice to parents. This is how you help parents get out of the shit quickly. 

The right approach

Addressing a pooping problem is often difficult. Because there are usually multiple causes at multiple levels at play. It can become quite a quest to thoroughly analyze a poop problem and then determine the right approach. The ProfessionalPlan helps you do this with a structured systemic plan of action with a positive perspective.

Own place, own time

For many years, I gave multi-day training to professionals. This required an investment of time and money from them. I thought there had to be a better way. So I developed a complete online program with video tutorials, e-lessons and online tools. All the information in one place. Learning in your own place, your own time and at your own pace. Will you join me?

Is your child suffering from a poop problem?