Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

soiling pants

Soiling pants

Do you think that your child's soiling pants happen on purpose? I know that it seems like your child is doing this intentionally, but poop accidents are never about conscious, deliberate behavior. Meaning, focussing on behavioral change does not make a difference. So what to do?

Champion withholding

Where do soiling pants start? Usually withholding behavior is the culprit. One child withholds because they have fear missing some explanation at school, another child postpones pooping in order to continue gaming, and yet another child is withholding out of fear of pain in pooping. Every child has a good reason.

Accumulation gives shit

Result of withholding behavior is accumulation in the belly. If this is not recognized and treated in time, poop accidents can occur; daily soiling pants. Of course you try everything - plagued by those daily poop pants - to change the poop behavior of your child.


Often this causes you and your child frustrations and little to no results. Logical ... soiling pants is not conscious poop behavior; it's about loss of control due to withholding behavior and accumulation of poop. You need to understand and pay attention to the underlying factors related to withholding behavior.


It's quit normal that your child lie about the poop accidents or hide the dirty pants. This causes despair and anger in you. Understandable. But your child is embarrassed and feels guilty and doesn't want to see you sad or angry. A childish solution: to lie and deny. A way of surviving.

Right, and how to proceed?

First, understand the real 'shit'. How to discover? Start telling your child that you know that the poop accidents are not on purpose and aren't its fault. Show understanding, recognition and offer help. Explain that you can help best if your child is open and says what is troubling him or her. Next step to follow.

Customized help

You probably need some help and I can support you with The SuperPooper Plan. I'll explain different types of poop problems, causes and effects and offer a plan of action including a clear laxative plan. Assure your child that together you are strong and your child will be able to master the poop.

Parents are their child's best experts

After all, your child cannot get out of that vicious poop circle by him- or herself. If your child could, 't would have done this a long time ago. Nobody wants to be in the 'shit', including your child. You know your child best, much better than any professional. That's why I share with you my best tools, tips and tricks.

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