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Pampering. As a parent, we are all guilty of it from time to time. Occasionally isn't so bad, but when it has become mostly habit, then what? Unfortunately, it is no exception that children of almost 4 are not yet potty trained and then elementary school is in sight. Panic and stress for parents, child and school.

Love is blind

I regularly hear and see almost-toddlers being pampered by their parents or environment. This happens out of love and love is blind. A bottle of milk at bedtime, a pacifier and wearing nappies during the day. Parents are still lifting their child, feeding or fully dressing their child.

Pampering a big child

When you continue to treat and pamper your child as a little one, it becomes impossible for your child to act big. While you do expect that from your almost 4-years old child (logically). Just as this is expected and required by school. Useful, to see and treat your child as a big child in a time.


Daytime nappies for an (almost) toddler? That's how your child is going to think it's still a baby. After all, babies in particular get a nappy, right? And this also goes for a pacifier or bottle with teat, feeding, dressing or lifting. You have to show your child, that you trust your child's ability and that you think your child is big.


Some 60 years ago, children were potty-trained by 2 years of age. Now this is well after 3 years old. Pampering plays a role, but so do other factors. Nappies of all shapes and sizes, often two working, busy parents, less time for potty training and daycare. At the last one nappies are allowed until 4 years of age...unfortunately.

Busy, busy, busy

Because parents are busy, many parents compensate out of love by not burdening their child and tend to be permissive and continue to give the nappy. But a child - also often busy and a busy little head - is actually looking for boundaries. Letting go of a nappy may has become e a thing.

School in sight?

Do you recognize yourself in this story, elementary school is approaching and you don't know how to break that vicious nappy cycle? I understand, because it is difficult, especially because parents are afraid their child is going to withhold resulting in belly pain, constipation or soiling pants. Now there is more trouble...


In The SuperPooper Plan you get a quick explanation of the causes and effects of nappy pooping. Of course I share all my tips and tricks with you with a clear and easy plan of action. As well you get the SuperPooper Book and the SuperPooper App and lots of downloads, to get started with your child.

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