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You may have started working on the SuperPooperPlan, but still need some more support. Or you're unsure about the laxative plan and need help. Our team will think with you in an online consultation and offer a plan of action or customize it. If you want more information about Method SuperPooper and our approach, book an appointment in the online consultation. 

Meet the SuperPooper team


Hadassa is the creator of Method SuperPooper. In 20+ years, she has helped thousands of parents and children get out of "shit. She has trained hundreds of professionals, including Tsilla and Yaëla.

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Tsilla has an educational background and has worked for years as a coach on the film set with parents and kids. She is a mother of 3 kids with poop problems and had poop problems herself as a child.

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Yaëla has a therapeutic practice and primarily supports parents with their busy family lives. She is a mother of 3 kids and faced significant pooping problems in her pregnancies. 

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Do you doubt despite the SuperPooper Check and the FAQ Whether SuperPooper is for you? Would you like to know how Method SuperPooper works? We'd be happy to explain in the online consultation.

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Using laxatives can be exciting and challenging to get this right on track. Or you find that your child continues to hold up and refuse toilet after all. We'll help you get started in an online consultation. 

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Busy with the The SuperPooper Plan And do you need additional help? Or is your child older than 7 and would you like a customized plan of action? We think with you in an online consultation.

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You may know SuperPooper from:

I get it when you find it hard to believe,
that I can really help you. These parents thought so too...

What a trouble and stress we had. Our son was quickly potty trained, but then we had poop pants for 4 years. After we started with your plan, we had a superpooper at home within 1 week! I could kiss you, that's how happy I am!
about son of 7
This SuperPooper Plan is highly recommended. Our son - after 2 years of daily pain and disappointment - is completely out of nappies! So happy and proud of our child. Thank you Hadassa, for your patience, your clear explanations and step-by-step plan.
Harold & Jannie
about son of 4.5
The refusing of the toilet, the tummy aches and the dirty pants drove us mad. It was only when we understood what was happening, we were getting into action. And so did our daughter, literally and figuratively. The message is carried out well by Hadassa ; )
Berend & Stella
about the soiling pants of their child of 4
Our daughter refused to go to the toilet at school, no matter what we tried, so soiling pants every day. After starting the laxatives and a good conversation at school, the poop problem disappeared. A happy girl at home. If only I had known this before.
about daughter 6.5
I thought my daughter was soiling her pants on purpose. In the video tutorials, I discovered that constipation was the culprit. After starting laxatives and toilet appointments, the dirty pants were gone. This plan is worth its money!
about daughter 5.5
Super effective method! Only after we realized that we as parents had to change something in our attitude ;-), our child changed her attitude. Bye by nappies! After 2 days she did her first poop on the toilet. Really recommend this plan!
about her nappy pooper of 3.5
Thanks to Hadassa's method and personal advice, we had a Super Pooper in our home within a week! Our child is finally completely house-trained and no more accidents. He is especially happy and relieved. And so are we, of course!
about son of almost 3
This was the push we needed. Immediately on the first day of the SuperPooper Plan we took the nappy off. No accidents and for number two she went to the toilet. Without the tips we could not have achieved this result so quickly.
about daughter of 2.5
Wow, after having seen many doctors for over 3 years, we finally have a superpooper at home in 2 weeks! With the explanations and tips from the SuperPooper Plan, we were able to get started right away. We highly recommend this plan.
about daughter 5
Over 2 years potty trained but pooping on the toilet was to scary for my daughter. I came across this plan and ordered it right away. I recommend this to everyone. After the first day the penny dropped! So happy with this SuperPooper Plan!!!
about child 4.5
Thanks to your SuperPooper Plan, your book and app and following all the tips, our son has changed from a nappy pooper to a superpooper. No doubt, how proud we are and more importantly, how proud he is! Thank you Hadassa.
about son almost 4
Hadassa gave us new hope and energy by listening to us, her patience and commitment, when things seemed hopeless for us. We got useful tips that we also shared with the preschool. Immediately was our child dry & clean. Thank you!
about the soiling pants of child of 5
We thought our son had a potty training problem until I found SuperPooper. The recognition in the plan gave good courage for a solution, without a referral to a pediatrician or poop clinic. And yes, a superpooper in the house.
about son of 3

I guess you want to know who I am.... well this is me

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