Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

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My child only wants to poop at home

Many children find it difficult or exciting to poop outside the home or elsewhere. They hold it up until they get home, which can have consequences. Think abdominal pain, crying, whining and eventually pants full of poop. So then you're in big trouble along the way. How do you handle this?

Pooping at home

Some children only want to poop at home. Do many adults suffer from that, too. It can be complicated when you are at a birthday or on the road or at the movie theater. Your child refuses to poop when they really need to. Then what? Panic in the tent. With you and your child.

If you must, you must

Your child starts to hold up and may experience abdominal pain. Starts crying or whining to go home to poop. And in the worst case, your child keeps trying to hold up resulting in pants full of poop. Nice then in a mall, at a birthday, party or on a plane or train.

Holding up causes constipation

If your child shows this behavior more often, he or she will definitely suffer from constipation. Are you even further home, because in addition to not wanting to poop elsewhere, your child will not be able to defecate. Your child - just like adults - has good reasons to only wanting to poop at home. I list a few for you.

Not wanting to defecate elsewhere

Unknown makes unloved. A restroom different from home does not feel familiar. It often lacks privacy, and in public places, toilets can smell and be dirty. At home, your child knows where they stand. Sitting at ease and long enough can also be difficult elsewhere. Holding up is then the best option.

Be prepared

What works is to be prepared about pooping outdoors. Bring wet cleaning wipes, an odor freshener, mini headset and tablet. This way you can teach your child to clean a toilet, not to be afraid of their own poop smell and to shut off to take their time and not be disturbed.

Also make arrangements

What matters is that your child knows where they stand, and as a parent, by making agreements with your child, you can provide clarity. About pooping on a toilet that is not at home. Explain to your child that if your child has to go, it has to go wherever and attach positive consequences to this. That really helps.

Staying clear

It is important that you as a parent remain clear and offer clarity. About pooping outside the home. Remind your child of agreements made about defecating elsewhere while giving recognition. Tell your child that you know it can be difficult or exciting for your child, but that there is no choice. If you have to, you have to.

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