Curious if "SuperPooper Plan" What is for your child?

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TV & videos

I love being in the spotlight....
As long as it's about 'shit' 🙂

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SBS6|Facts & Fables

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RTL4|RTL Boulevard

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BNNVARA|Make Holland Great Again

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RTL 4|The Doctors

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RTV Drenthe|The Week of Poop and Pee

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Intro Method SuperPooper

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Radio 538|Noon Show with Frank Dane

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SBS6|Who of the Three

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Zuidas Talkshow Today|Ruth and Hadassa

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Radio Salto A'dam|CampusCreators HvA

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Webinar SuperPooper X potty training box

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Radio Veronica|Also Good Morning

Newspapers & magazines

On attention in the written media
I don't say no, just read.

Shit happens (or doesn't)

Sometimes pooping doesn't happen by itself

Constipation rarely medical cause

Hidden teenagers


Shitty shit

Pooping at school

From the child therapist's practice

Constipation of young children under pressure

What if you can't poop very well?

Online articles

Writing it myself or having it written doesn't matter to me, as long as poop is written about.

Toilet issues

First aid for bedwetting

Constipation in children

Baby constipation

Does your child have a pooping problem?

Poopy diaper?

Stop clogging

Clogging on vacation

An important message

Becoming potty trained

Facts and fables about bedwetting

From a diaper you become diapered

Poop problems in children are 'shit'

A child is not in the shit on purpose

Pooping on the toilet


Proud to have contributed - as an expert
was allowed to contribute to these books.

Incontinence in Children - edited by E. van Everdingen, M. Groeneweg, M. Vijverberg & J. Van der Deure - Prelum Publishers (2012)

Growth Book for Educators - Lili Genee Pirayesh (2020)

Podcasts & radio

For interesting or funny poop talk
I'm always in, just listen....

My own podcast!
I share useful shit with you here.

I know someone who... 
The SuperPooper! Tips for pooping problems

Healthy Now
Healthy pooping with Hadassa Voet
Poop expert Hadassa on her passion for poop

Radio 538
Afternoon Show Frank Dane

Radio Veronica
Also good morning

Radio Salto HvA 
National Poop Day

Radio Hoeksche Waard Children with poop problems