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Constipation in a child!

Constipation in children is a serious problem. Say shit! But it's not the end of the world, because you can solve it. As long as you recognize the signs and know what your approach should be. Recognizing constipation can be tricky, I'll help you get started ...

Recognize constipation in a child

Recognizing constipation in a child can be tricky. Obvious signs are pain when defecating, inability to defecate, abdominal pain, hard poop or rabbit droppings. It's trickier if your child does poop daily, diarrhea-like, several times in one day or has no symptoms when pooping, but has urinary problems.

The 4 O's

Obstipation does not happen overnight. It usually involves the 4 O's. The 4 what? The pooping problem often starts with withholding behavior, creating accumulation develops in the abdomen. If this is not recognized it turns into constipation. And if it is not recognized and treated, there may be (poop)mishaps happen.

Other causes

But withholding behavior is not the only culprit - well, the worst - of developing constipation in a child. Lifestyle (diet, fluids, exercise), stress, anxiety, allergies, side effects of medication, pressure in the mind, pressure in daily life, can also lead to (sometimes persistent) constipation.


If constipation in a child is not recognized and not treated, your child may begin to lose control of the abdomen, buttocks and poop. It becomes increasingly full in the abdomen, the last part of the colon - the rectum where the poop is kept - begins to dilate. This causes your child to have fewer and delayed urges.

Then your child is really in the shit....

Because of the constipation, your child feels the urge less strongly and no longer well, thus reacts too late, is also no longer able to hold back poop then or defecate completely (in time). Then your child is in the infamous vicious poop circle. What should or can you do to break that circle?

Start laxatives

Say that your child cannot do anything about this problem, but that together you can solve it. Explain what is going on in the tummy and that a pooping powder (laxative) necessary to regain responsiveness and defecate empty. Discuss lifestyle, possible stress and make potty appointments with your child.

Is the shit resolved then?

If your child suffers from constipation, it may take a while for your child to regain control of stomach, bottom and poop, depending on the degree and duration of the constipation. Your child may be resistant when you want to discuss the "shit"; recognition, positivity, understanding and humor are your best friends then. Let (sh)it go!

Are you not getting there? Then I will gladly help you with my The SuperPooper Plan.

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