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Nappy pooping


Pampering. As a parent, we are all guilty of it from time to time. Occasionally isn't so bad, but when it has become mostly habit, then what? Unfortunately, it is no exception that children of almost 4 are not yet potty trained and then elementary school is in sight. Panic and stress for parents, child and school.

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soiling pants
Soiling pants

Soiling pants

Do you think that your child's soiling pants happen on purpose? I know that it seems like your child is doing this intentionally, but poop accidents are never about conscious, deliberate behavior. Meaning, focussing on behavioral change does not make a difference. So what to do?

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Using laxatives

Relaxing over laxing

If your child suffers from constipation, laxation is a must. Yet many parents - understandably - look forward to this. This is due to existing myths and insufficient explanation about the dosage of laxatives and how they work. Explanations about starting, maintaining, phasing out and stopping are also usually lacking.

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withholding behavior
Withholding behavior

Help! My child has withdrawal behavior

More than 100,000 children a year suffer from a defecation problem, think constipation and poopy pants. Bloating behavior due to stress, distraction and (stimulus) sensitivity often play a role. Consequence? Bloating in the head, which can translate into bloating in the belly. Recognizable?

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Constipation in a child!

Constipation in children is a serious problem. Say shit! But it's not the end of the world, because you can solve it. As long as you recognize the signs and know what your approach should be. Recognizing constipation can be tricky, I'll help you get started ...

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Peeing problems

The cause of bedwetting

Does your child still regularly wet the bed? Bedwetting occurs in about 5-10% of elementary school children, and the biggest culprit is constipation! This is often difficult to recognize, especially if your child poops daily. But the important thing is what your child poops and not THAT your child poops.

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