My child is withholding poo
More than 100.000 children a year are suffering from a poo problem. Poo problems like constipation and soiling pants. Just like withholding behaviour caused by stress, distraction and sensitivity for stimuli. The effect? Accumulation in the head, which could be translated into accumulation in the belly. Or vice versa.  


Being sensitive for stimuli, like remarking all that’s happening around you, being sensitive to all reactions from your surroundings or being affected by strong stimuli like gaming or watching tv, may create stress. Stress lead to increasing of the muscle tension and withholding behaviour. This happens consciously and unconsciously. But, to poo, you need to let go, literally and figuratively. 

Relax and let it go

Letting go of poo can only happen when you are relaxed. To be able in letting go completely and pooping all out in time, it is necessary that the body is working properly. It is a must that you recognize the urge to poo and can respond in listening to this urge. Stimuli and stress can interfere in this process, which may lead to accumulation in the belly and other signals. It may be a search in discovering what your sensitive child needs in being able to relax in time for letting go and poop. 

Autism and ADHD

Children who are familiar with (symptoms looking like) autism disorders and/or ADHD, are more likely to suffer from stimuli and stress than other children. For this children is it hard to put resistance on hold, to cooperate and to react in time. Just like changes and handling and processing emotions give some struggle to them. Providing structure, boundaries and clearness will be helpful to them. In my SuperPooper Plan I explain to you how you can deal with this sensitivity and how to respond to it.

“Accumulation in your head , may lead to accumulation in your belly…and vice versa!”